Meaning: your content should be temporary and only private to you.

You already know that ‘big-social’ records everything you do in their apps, and beyond. You’ve watched the documentaries. You’ve read about the horror stories, FOMO (JOMO), your data sold to the highest bidder, fake news, cancel culture, government tracking, election hacking, network-effects, etcetera, etc. What is going on in places like China. 1984? No no no, welcome to 🚨2084🚨. But still, the apps provide you with benefits that make you come back to them.

No problem. It’s fun to see what your friends are up to, it’s nice to join a group of people with the same interests. It feels…

This is a story all about how I’ve been a passenger at Le Wagon Amsterdam for over three weeks now. At the beginning of October I started the 9-week coding bootcamp with a group of fun and enthusiastic people from all kinds of backgrounds in what happened to be the 99th batch. These first three weeks are focussed on the back-end, including: working with the Command-line, learning the programming basics, orienting objects and feeling like you can see the Matrix.

Whenever possible, I try to take a thing apart to figure out how it works and to learn how to…

Oscar Edel


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